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Seven benefits of internet marketing

April 25, 2016 | No Comments

Business transactions are easier and more convenient with the World Wide Web. Customers can purchase goods and services anytime they want to. 24/7 operations is definitely possible with the internet. It also has many tools in helping a business promote its products directly to consumers.

Promoting your products online is important if you want your business to thrive. Advertising helps you reach out to your target audience as well as provide awareness for the product you are selling.These are the benefits of internet marketing:

Worldwide distribution

Internet marketingInternet marketing not only let you reach out to consumers in your local market; you would be able to reach out to consumers all over the world too. With a computer and an internet connection, customers anywhere in the world can already purchase goods and services from you. You also can sell products basically anywhere you want to without opening another office. The whole world is yours with internet marketing. You would be able to reach out to a wider audience if you know how to position your product and services to them.


Online advertising is affordable. Social media, the most powerful online advertising on the internet is free. All you need is create different social media accounts and start reaching out to your buyers. It’s that easy. There is no need to pay for TV advertising which is costly, or buy a newspaper ad which is just as costly. Internet marketing has changed the way people advertise and do business nowadays.

Build relationships

Social media lets you nurture relationships with your buyers. You can communicate with them regularly by sending them regular emails for special offers or simply thanking them for patronizing your products. You can also create an after-sales relationship with your buyers with internet marketing. Send them a thank you email after purchasing your product, or you may send them promotional emails. You can also email them for new products or special discounts.


You can do business basically anywhere and anytime you want to. Whether you are in your pajamas or in casual attire, internet marketing lets you do any transaction online. So long as you are online, you would be able to respond to customer queries right away. Customers can easily reach out to you whether it’s in the afternoon or in the wee hours of the morning.

Low capital

The only investment you’ll ever need for internet marketing is time, effort, and a working computer. There are no thousands of dollars involved in internet marketing, given that you actually know how to market your products online without spending a dime. Start with social media as it is one of the most effective marketing on the internet. You can also create a free blog of your products and services. If your budget allows, create a website where buyers can purchase your products.

Easy Updates

online marketingWith the internet, you can easily post new products and services, and offer them to your buyers. You can also provide a detailed description of what you are offering to your buyers. This way you can outline all the benefits the buyer needs to know about your product. You can even post positive reviews to attract more buyers. You can easily change prices or post offers on the internet without hassle.

Basically, internet marketing is free. However, there are other things you can do if you have a budget for advertising. You can work with an SEO company to help you better promote your product or your service. The Seoexplode inc can also help you provide great content to your website to be able to attract more buyers.


New Kid on the Block: Internet Marketing

April 11, 2016 | No Comments

Digital marketing is another term to describe internet marketing. In fact, it is the preferred term for most practitioners. It sounds more current, modern and appropriate for the digital age.

Who would have thought that internet technology will have the capacity to revolutionize the way we all conduct business in the 21st century. Its ability to make the world flat and a smaller, more connected place has allowed brands to reach virtually every person on the planet – or particularly those with a personal computer with internet access.

Like most catalysts of revolutions, the internet has changed the status quot by giving rise to new industries. And a perfect example of that is internet marketing. The digital age has created a new medium or platform where brands can market to consumers.

Essentially it turned every computer into a sort of television set where brands can reach individual consumers and sell their products directly to them, except this particular version of the TV set could talk back, respond and interact with the brand in real time. And it has access to billions of online consumers.

internetTraditional media did not allow brands to interact and get consumer feedback the same way internet marketing does. Watching a TV ad was a passive activity where the viewer watches and listened for roughly half a minute. Brands could not determine at the moment of watching the TV ad whether their message to the consumer was effective enough that it translated to sales.Reading print ad was the same. It was cold and passive marketing where brands could only measure effectiveness in the long term through sales results determined over a period of time.

With internet marketing, it’s very different and so much more exciting. Gratification is instant and very much measurable because it has the capacity to be an interactive experience. Let’s use a form of internet marketing as an example, say ‘display advertising’.

Display advertising is internet marketing where brands create text, image, flash video or audio ads intended for websites. We’ve all encountered display advertising. They are the ad materials that greet us when we enter certain websites.

The question is how is display advertising more exciting than TV and print ad? A sports apparel company for example can choose to purchase display ad space in a sports website that has thousands or millions of subscribers. They can already tailor fit the display ad to the needs of the members of the website. For example, they could choose to display their new running shoes ad to a website of marathon runners. Or they could purchase display ad space in a tennis website to advertise their new tennis apparel.

Internet marketing allows brands to create and display consumer specific advertising intended for a targeted group of consumers. With internet marketing brands in essence are speaking directly to their consumer – a large group of consumers already interested in their brand and products.

Also, a display ad in a website is internet marketing that is a virtual endorsement of the brand by influencers or opinion makers imbued with the credibility to recommend products to consumers. The display ad says to the website members, ‘it’s okay to listen to and watch the display ad. The brand is relevant.’If the advertising message is effective and the product is good, it’s very likely going to translate into sales.

The targeted consumer capability of internet marketing is what makes it exciting to brands. Traditional media does not have the same capability of bringing brands to a large group of consumers whose interests and needs make their products relevant to them. It is comparable to bringing a fisherman to a shoal where a school of blue marlins are ripe for the harvest and all they have to do is cast the net to catch them.


Making Your Presence Felt Online

May 15, 2016 | No Comments
Making Your Presence Felt Online

One of the major things that you are going to learn about the internet is that it’s crowded. If you are going to launch a website, you’re going to have competition. There are millions upon millions of websites online today, many of which are not going to be easy to compete with. If you want to make your presence felt online, you will need to learn the latest and greatest marketing steps moving forward. With so many voices trying to be heard in the world of marketing, it’s hard to find the “right” options overall. To offset that, and consolidate what works best, you’ll find that this blog is going to help you gain the upper hand when publishing a website. No-top.com is a journey to help everyone that wants to market their site, brand, and website, get a major push in terms of marketing collateral. If you want to gain the upper hand in your niche, then you will no doubt want to keep coming back to this blog to see where your marketing can go in no time.

online marketing

Getting Ranked Higher

When it comes to the world of marketing, you are going to find that ranking at the top of any niche is going to be difficult to pull through. Getting ranked is not the issue, getting ranked at the top of competitive keywords is something that you should consider. If you want to make sure that you’re getting the top of searches, you will need to look into the right marketing collateral. That’s what this blog focuses on. Taking what works and illustrating it with relative ease. The goal is to look at the right areas, not just random things overall.

The biggest mistake that many marketers go through is that they don’t focus on the right elements overall. Many go with trial and error. Trial and error is definitely something that can help you learn how to market a site, but why go through the problem areas? Think about that for a moment. You could test the waters with SEO and start to work through things to see what sticks, but what about what doesn’t work? If you find things don’t work, what are you going to do? If you are going to bury your site, you will not be able to recover by the time you see what works.

Doing What Works, Nothing Else

The reason why this blog is here, is to offset the issues that many people have. You will not have to focus on doing things that don’t work. Instead of speculating what will work for your marketing needs, you will be able to take the tips and tricks mentioned on this blog and do what works, and that’s it. There’s no second guessing, no seeing a drop in overall traffic, because you will see major gains following the path that works. This blog focuses on what works, and highlights what doesn’t, so that you can run a site that gets noticed, simple as that.

If you want to get the top marketing tips overall, then you will no doubt want to bookmark this website. You will want to see what is getting pushed and what isn’t. You’ll find that there’s a lot of great elements to explore, and if you actually put to work the tips mentioned, you will end up with a huge jump in overall marketing collateral, and results.

Simply put, you will see results if you follow along. There’s no need to go through trial and error, we highlight what works, so that you know what works well overall. Keep coming back, and see how you can take on any niche and succeed online.

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